Friday, October 11, 2013

Portuguese Orange-Olive Oil Cake

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Every once in a while, you happen upon a recipe that makes you rethink your entire view of the universe. This cake evokes questions such as, “Why am I 41-years old and just discovering this recipe?” “Where has this cake been all my life?” and most importantly, “How can I hide this from the boys so I can eat it all myself?”

Per the recipes suggestion, attempt (I’m laughing as I type this, because after smelling this baking, you will be licking your oven door) to wait 24 hours before cutting into the cake. I could not, and found it irresistible right out of the oven. But on the second and third days the cake, somehow, became even better. It probably would have continued to age beautifully if I hadn’t been busted in the kitchen on day 3, hand halfway to mouth. The boys descended on it like a pack of wolves and that was the end of the tastiest week of my life.

Portuguese Orange-Olive Oil Cake

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