Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barefoot Contessa Rosemary Cashews

* Entertaining *

After jumping up and down and screaming at the tele for 3 hours during Wimbledon, it occurred to me just how important good noshes are during a tense game. And then I remembered these amazing rosemary cashews I made Friday. I accidentally bought raw cashews at the store (um, yuck?) and was searching for a way to make them edible. This recipe caught my eye immediately and the raw cashews worked perfectly; I simply roasted them an additional 7 minutes in the oven (always make sure you keep a close eye when roasting!).

Something magical happens when the ingredients of this recipe are tossed together – the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, savory and salty. Makes a girl’s mouth happy, if you ask me! Next time friends or family descend on your abode, throw these together right before they arrive. Your house will smell marvelous and your guests will feel so special they may never leave!

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