Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salmon with Coriander Rub and Lime Cream

* Gluten-Free * Healthy * Weeknight Meal *

I love salmon any which way I can get it, but it’s so expensive where I live we just don’t eat it much. Fortunately for my fish-loving family, my local grocer had some wild salmon on sale last week and I caved … literally. I bought ALL of it. Salmon freezes really well – just love it up with some freezer paper and tape. So anyhow – get ready for some wild and crazy salmon recipes to be popping up with a bit more frequency.

I have been ogling this recipe for more than a year and could not wait to make it. I love the exotic spices and flavors that are thrown together – they don’t mask the flavor of the salmon, they complement it. This is delightful and I’d highly recommend trying it out on your family, even if they aren’t fans of salmon. They just might be converted!

(If you want to make it even healthier - substitute low-fat Greek yogurt for the sour cream.)

Recipe for Salmon with Coriander Rub and Lime Cream:

We loved this served with rice and green beans dressed with a little olive oil and pepper.

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